Friday, January 19, 2018

A Steampunk Dirndl Fashion Shoot!

Bonjour! It's great to be back to blogging and to post and talk about the things that I love! And while I was away in my little hiatus I still enjoyed finding and looking for inspiration which helped my creative juices keep on going. And when I would find something unique that inspired me I would stop dead on my tracks and would say "one day I would love to blog about this."

With no further ado, here is my latest stop ...

So I came across these lovely Dirndl outfits from Sportalm that had that Steampunk style. It's hard to pick a couple of things that I like from this particular ensemble because I pretty much love every single piece! To start, this Dirndl is absolutely gorgeous! The beautiful flower embroidery stand in contract with the silk black dress. I love how they added the silky green ribbon to the outfit. The purple flower choker is a lovely touch. And of course to tie everything together we can't forget the gorgeous top hat!

What is a Dirndl? Dirndl is German for a feminine traditional dress worn in Austria, South Tyrol, and Bavaria. The velvet flowery pink and green gloves are amazing! And the wool gray jacket with the green trim will keep any girl warm during the winter. According to Wikipedia, the winter style Dirndl has heavy, warm skirts and aprons made of thick cotton, linen, velvet or wool, and long sleeves. The colors are usually rich and dark.

Here is the same above outfit but without the jacket. You can appreciate the top laced corset with the purple ribbon. The green silky apron works so well with the gray dotted dress. The velvet flowery scarf with fringes particularly caught my attention. I thought for a minute that the fringes were the girls hair. My eyes tricked me! I truly haven't seen anything like it!

Did you know that the Dirndl had a humble beginning? Yes, the Dirndlgewand meaning maid's dress were worn in Austria by domestic workers during the 19th Century. Austrian upper classes adopted the dirndl as high fashion in the 1870's, making it a highly fashionable and popular must-have item to own.

The checkered top wool hat with the feather is pretty daring! Interestingly Dirndl also comes with checkered pattern designs. In this instance the checkered pattern was used part of an accessory. Who said you can't wear a jacket with elbow patches while wearing a pretty dress? I truthfully think it was a unique touch!

While looking at the detail of the outfit I noticed the opulent wooded furniture. This Steampunk inspired backdrop was perfect for this particular photo-shoot!

Here we can appreciate the gray vest with the puffs sleeve and the gray embroidery pipping, I'm not too crazy about the pink apron though. I do however love the dark wine velvety bottom, which at the last moment I was able to spot it. I wished we could see it better. I know I love the sharp contrast!

These two last ensemble is absolutely a work of art. The olive top hats are one of my favorites! I love the color combination: Olive, Red, Purple, and a little sprinkle of yellow here and there. Aren't the delicate puff sleeves with the flowers and green stems embroidery super cute? A perfect feminine touch I should say!

Have a fun & safe winter!

Photos used are from:
Information of the history of the Dirndl: Wikipedia.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Whimsical Nonostante Marras Shop!

If I ever go to Milan one of my first stop will be at the so whimsical Nonostante Marras Shop! I can't help but see myself renting this space for a Victorian party! I really don't understand why Barnes and Noble took all their comfy seats away? How much I miss seating on a comfy chair at that bookstore. But Italian's have it right! This fascinating and inviting concept shop was curated by fashion designer Antonio Marras.

This unique boutique has elements of this designer's fashion concept spread throughout his shop. If you ever seen Antonio's fashion show you will notice that the designer loves bold lines and colors. But on the other hand his design has also that Alice in Wonderland whimsical fantasy look to it.

Look Barnes and Noble comfy chairs! Very inviting. Me want to stay longer. The longer me stay the more books or magazines me want to take home.

Peeled wall paint. A great alternative to fresco walls!

Exposed ceiling beams adds that loft industrial feel. Again soft comfy chairs.

Rich red color against the white wall makes a fascinating contrast. Love the different mirrors!

I wish I could check the clothes rack! I could spot a few things that I would love to wear.

Gold and white is always so elegant!

Love the element of surprise.

Cute glass display. Great vintage pieces throughout the store!

The flowers are awesome! Great idea for a Spring wedding!

I'm totally inspired by this place!

Have I told you that Antonio's clothes designs are on my top list. When I see his fashion shows I get inspiration for my next shopping trip.

For more information on his boutique you may visit:

You can also visit Antonio's website to see his latest fashion shows and designs:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Victoria Lee Jones Saga Continues

Greetings to all of my friends, and future friends to be! Thanks for stopping by Victoria Lee Jones Café Society! I know It's been a while since I had an episode written for my Victoria Lee Jones Café Society series. The reason that I had stop was because I had some personal doubts about continuing writing the series. And unfortunately because of that I decided to stop writing altogether. Biggest mistake ever!

I am not a professional writer by any means, and truthfully for me to become one it would take me a lot of schooling, time, money, and a lot of energy. Even if I had all of that, I wouldn't even embark on such a quest. Because writing is just one of the many hobbies and things that I love doing.  I have more important goals and personal projects that are currently on my priority list.

So a writer perhaps may not be what I considered myself to be. So to be fair I called myself a storyteller. That way I won't end up offending scores of English literature fans. "What kind of poopy work is this?" I also wouldn't want to step on some writers toes and get scolded by them. "You call yourself an author? Are you kidding me?"

So you understand where I am coming from. But I can't help it, I just love writing.

For me writing is an es·cap·ism / əˈskāpˌizəm (had to add the pronunciation. Love the upside down e). Writing have given me a chance to go to places that I could only dream of. Imagining a story and seeing it developing is so rewarding!

So I thought that I would go ahead and give it a try. So I did.

I got out my Mickey Mouse notebook and started writing my first Victoria Lee Jones story draft. After writing several drafts I was ready to post it on my blog. So I thought!

Okey so my grammar stinks. And to make things worst I don't have an extensive vocabulary. Again I enjoy writing but, and I have to painfully admit my English was never really good.

Spanish happens to be my real mother tongue. It wasn't until the age of three that I started learning English. And for any bilingual people out there. I don't know if you had this experience or not. But I found out after giving it much thought that I never really learned well either languages.

My brain could only hold just enough English and Spanish to get by. Composing a well written sentence in both languages was out of the question. And up to this day I still find it a challenge to write something that makes sense.

But it's never too late to learn. And like with everything else in life. Practice makes perfect. So I put my best foot forward.

Fast forward. A year ago. After painstakingly correcting my awful grammar on all of my nine Victoria Lee Jones episodes, my editor advised me that I had to read more. He gave me a list of books to read. Then he said "It will help you to expound your English vocabulary and improve your writing." Oh okey, I get your drift. I stink. Then came the constructive criticism. "Your story was good and interesting. Though I was a bit confused. Like for instance I didn't get episode ten. I just felt that it didn't make sense with the rest of the story."

"What didn't you understand? Do you want me to explain it to you?"

"Just considered what I said. And just work from there."

Reality hits hard! I had to face the fact that my writing STINKS! And that I had a long, long way to go before it could be considered decent enough for a 6th grader to understand.

After I have put so much effort and thought on my story. I felt that I just didn't have it in me to become a decent storyteller. Although my editor's intentions were noble. He truly wanted to help me improve my grammar. I still felt bad. I felt like a deflated balloon, with no air left, so I went down, down to the ground.

At that time I was going through a very low time in my life. I had been dealing with severe health problems which left me physically inactive. Writing kept me going. It kept my mind active and happy. I considered it my intellectual therapy.

But like a sad balloon, I was punctured by the harsh reality. And I went crashing down to the ground. And I stayed on the ground, with no more desire to continue flying.

So I decided to step away from it all.

I took on other hobbies and interest.

Fast forward to now.

I missed it! I missed writing. Just putting my thoughts into words is one of the best gifts that brings me inner contentment and joy! I shouldn't have allowed my doubts and insecurities to interfere with what was wholesome and rewarding for me.

Has my English improved while I was away? Nope. As a matter of fact, eight months of no writing except for some text messaging and sending emails, has set me back, way back.

But here I am a stinky storyteller ready to continue to write again.

And I am totally excited to writing my Victoria Lee Jones series for you all.

I am back again flying in my air balloon. Can't wait to experience the joy of flying with you again!

Sincerely Yours,

Carmen Johnson


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