Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Archives: Meet Me Tonight

I have always love the romantic scene of Paris! So that was why I created my design "Meet Me Tonight". I wanted a couple in this romantic setting with a Paris water fountain as a background. I wanted to create a lovely night ambiance with a ray of moonlight that would fall gently on the water fountain without disturbing the love birds.

Before I had made the water fountain I saw several European water fountains with its statues forms. So I decided to create several women in gowns like they were holding the top part of the fountain.

The couple are featured like being in an old black and white photograph. And to add to the romance, I wanted for the guy to surprise his gal with a red rose. What girl won't be excited to receive a rose from her sweetheart?

My design " Meet Me Tonight," is being featured below in this Jumbo size tote bag! Click the bag to visit my Bohemian Girl Shop!

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All designs are copyrighted by Bohemian Girl Collection.

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