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The Archives: Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions For Homekeeping

Mrs. Dunwoody sat down at her kitchen table one spring of 1886 and penned down her first entry in a notebook that took fifty years to complete. She was able to impart advice and words of wisdom, recipes, household tips and etiquette from women of her day. Her notes were meant to to be passed down to each generation of women as they married and took up housekeeping while they nurtured their family and home with love and joy. This wonderful book by Miriam Lukken would be a delight to explore. It will bring you back to an era were things were simple and household shores were not a shore but a privilege to perform. This book will inspire the inner homemaker in you!

From the Dust Jacket:

A delightful and practical compendium of homespun advice, cleaning and etiquette tips, traditional recipes, and Southern wit, Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping will bring warmth, gentility, and order into your home. Today many of us yearn for the home-centered values of yesteryear-homemade desserts, family traditions, and sparkling clean rooms that radiate comfort and good cheer. Now you can bring the wise, unhurried ways and charm of an earlier time into the 21st century with:

Mrs. Dunwoody's Judicious Cleaning Hints:Make every room in your house shine with homekeeping tips that include a recipe for organic furniture cleaner made from lemon and mineral oil and an easy way to help prevent tarnishing with a piece of white chalk in your silver chest.

Mrs. Dunwoody's Useful Notes from the Kitchen: From choosing the freshest foods at the market to seasoning and cooking, delight your family with such delicacies as Big Mama's Baked Country Ham and Ambrosial Pecan Pie.

Mrs. Dunwoody's Advice on Etiquette: Brush up on letter writing, table manners, and timeless social rules like "Always stand at the doorway and wave good-bye until your departing guests are out of sight."

Mrs. Dunwoody's Tips on Laundry: Protect linens and clothing with ingenious homespun techniques-rub ink stains with a sponge soaked with milk, use stale bread to remove fresh spots from leather or suede.

Mrs. Dunwoody's Guide to Entertaining: Make every kind of party a success. Learn formal table settings, proper service, and toasts that will charm your guests.

Your home can be a place where you and yours truly feel surrounded by tranquility, cleanliness, and love. With hundreds of time-tested and fun-to-read nuggets of advice on everything from keeping your home organized to gardening and making homemade health remedies, as well as special pages for your own words of wisdom, Mrs. Dunwoody will take you back to an era where good things take time, but the wait is always worth it.

Whenever I want to get inspired and get into the Housekeeper mood, I sit down and read my Mrs. Dunwoody's book.

Then I am ready to tackle the dirt!

You can pick one today at

Have a great weekend!

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