Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Archives: My Finger Waves

As I promised here is my first attempt of the famous finger waves! I wanted to have that 30's Hollywood hair style. So far I think that my new hairdo came out looking classy. Yes, as you have noticed I did indeed cut my hair. Two weeks or so ago when my sister was in town she wanted to treat me for a hair cut. She herself has a short hair cut and I absolutely loved it! So I went ahead for a shorter look. My sister's hair is naturally curly, so she pretty much can make her retro hairdo anytime without the need to pin-curl her hair.

Doing the finger waves right takes a great deal of skill. It took me several attempts when I started to make the S form on my bangs. Then when I finally got the right style, I made sure to pin it right away. Now the other side didn't come out the way I wanted. After I took out my bobby pins, that part looked like if I put my finger in a electrical socket! There were several reasons why that side might have not come out right. First, I couldn't figure out how to do the S form from a different angle. And second, my hair was not as damp as the other side was when I started my hairdo.

One thing for sure is that doing my finger waves was a lot of fun! Though if you want a professional finger wave look, you may want to have somebody do it for you. Especially when it comes to the hard to reach back part of the hair. Unless you have a bathroom full of mirrors, and flexible arms, your finger waves will end up looking like a tidal wave instead!

Even though my hairdo wasn't all totally finger waved, I still love how it came out!

My goal for this Summer will be to try to master this art.

The Archives: Post's from my old blog The RetroChic Corner. Original Post Date: 08/06/09


  1. i love how it came out-you did a great job. the most important part is the front area anyway. fingerwaves are VERY difficult to do on yourself, so bravo to you!

  2. Thank you MissRedLips!

    I appreciate your complements! I am getting better acquainted with the finger waves technique, and yes, it isn't easy to do.

    I think for my next challenge, I will do pin-curls in most of my hair than just add the finger waves in the front.

  3. Lovely hair, there is a definitely Veronica Lake vibe to those beautiful waves. Great job on your first finger waves!

    Wishing you a beautiful Friday & weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Thanks Jessica for your comment!

    When you mentioned Veronica Lake, I quickly looked for her pictures online. And sure enough my waves does have that vibe.

    I can't wait to experiment more looks!

    Have a great weekend also!




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