Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Archives: On The Train Station

This is my design "On The Train Station", from my Bohemian Girl Collection! I had use one of my older version of Milly from The Espresso Express and gave it a more Retro Pop look.

My inspiration for this art piece comes from my love of traveling. I always loved the fact of how back in the days when train traveling was the most popular form of transportation. The elegance and beauty of the ladies back then have inspired me for my art fashion. So I wanted to bring back a little bit of that history through my new design concept.
This year for our 10th year wedding anniversary my husband took me to one of my favorite towns in Florida. Then to my surprise he took me to a train station and asked me if I wanted to go on a train ride. " Of course, I would like to take a train ride! Thanks sweetie!" I was so elated and touched by this surprise that I was tearing and happy at the same time.

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