Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Archives: Hanging Out With The Girls

September is here and school is in session. Here I present to you "Hanging Out With The Girls" from my Bohemian Girl Collection. After school Abby will be hanging out with the girls for some fun time at the soda place. This simple and yet cute collage concept reminded me of my high school years, when after studying very hard I had some fun time with my school friends.

As you have noticed Abby is wearing her signature Flapper hat with her flower, which matches lovely with her retro outfit. In addition because she is attending school she is also wearing her glasses. So she not only looks smart, but she also looks very fashionable.

You can purchase my cute "Hanging Out With the Girls" T-Shirt at my Bohemian Girl Shop.

You are welcome to visit my Bohemian Girl Collection designs at my online store.

And for all of you students out there, have a fun school year!

The Archives: Post's from my old blog The RetroChic Corner. Original Post Date: 09/02/09

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