Monday, September 21, 2009

The Archives: My Dream Sofa!

I found the vintage sofa of my dreams! Nope, I haven't bought this vintage sectional sofa. I wish! I happened to be window shopping at Etsy when I spotted her. I couldn't wait to share this great vintage find with you!

What I first love about this sofa it's the style. The curvy lines makes her look sophisticated. The second thing that I love about this sofa is the beautiful floral pattern. The colors are also a plus for me, because I already have those same colors through out my house. Isn't that round table cute? I just love it!

Another plus is that this sofa comes with a built-in side table. Isn't that super cleaver! As an almost interior decorator, I see so much potential with this great sectional. Depending on your living room arrangement you can pretty much place these sectional together side by side. Or you can even have it facing each other. I love this sofa flexibility!

What do I love about this sofa? Well, everything!

The best part of having a sectional like this is that it would be perfect for a party! It would be swell to even have a 50's or 60's party with this vintage sofa!

For now, I will be adding her to my wish list.

Perhaps one of these days a lovely old lady neighbor will want to give away her well preserved vintage sectional to me. And I will promise my neighbor that I will keep the plastic on.

Did anyone watched the Oprah Show about the 60's? I totally missed it! If you happen to know where I can watch it online, will you be so kind to let me know? I surely will appreciate it!


The Archives: Post's from my old blog The RetroChic Corner. Original Post Date: 09/21/09


  1. That is a truly awesome sofa! If it were upholstered in aqua, it would be perfect for me!

  2. Aqua blue sounds lovely Ms. B! If you happen to find an elderly lady that is getting rid of one would you please let know.




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