Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Archives: My Life As a Retro Artist!

The other day I was contacted by a Cnn reporter! I was totally excited, because I had never had another person approached me to interview me! As a Retro Reporter I do the interview and bring the stories to my viewers. Of course, I am in front of the camera most of the time and sometimes behind the scenes when I interview my guests. I don't like it to always be about me. I just love listening about other peoples lives. I am a people's person and that is part of who I am.

Though, I have to admit, that it does feels nice to once in a while receive a complement or commendation from another human like myself. So that made my day!

I knew that having the opportunity in being in national T.V. would be something big! So, I took the opportunity and made my video "My Life As a Retro Artist"! Yay, movie time! This short film is a biography of my career as a Retro Artist, Reporter, and Filmmaker. Since I was young, I have been fascinated about time traveling, history, and retro living! I always wanted to learn about how people lived in the past.

Come with me, as I share with you my life as a Retro Artist!

The Archives:  Post's from my old blog The RetroChic Corner. Original Post Date: 12/1/09

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