Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Archives: Finally I Graduated!

Don't you feel happy when you can accomplish something in life while traveling through the rough terrain? Sometimes the road can get pretty bumpy. And at times your feet might start hurting. You then feel tired and discouraged and just want to give up. Then you take a break. Get something to drink and you start again. Then after a while of walking in that rough road you start seeing the bees visiting the wild flowers.The journey because less stressful even enjoyable at times. And when you less expected you finally reached your goal. And then you start doing the happy dance!

I am doing the happy dance! And do you know why? Well, I was finally able to graduate!

You can find out more in the following video:

 And it sure feels good!

P.S. For more information on how to become an Interior Decorator visit: Ashworth College.

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