Friday, January 18, 2013

The Shopkeeper's Outfit

Bonjour, my friends!

Some may have wondered about my shopkeeper's outfit. Managing and keeping shop is rewarding but it sure is a lot of hard work! From greeting customers, and making sure that they find what they need, to checking inventory, and counting money, to dusting and wiping counters. Oh, and making sure there is a fresh batch of coffee made or that there is enough hot water for the ladies when they come for tea.

Poof! It's time for me to sit and take a much needed break.

So as a shopkeeper I want to make sure to wear practical and comfortable attire. Let me see where should I start?

First I do want to apologize for my unkempt locks. I had been running around the shop like a headless chicken that I didn't have time to check my hair. When working in a shop it is always important to keep the strands of hair away from the face, which I am not a good example of such. But I usually try to wear my hair up in a bun or in a braid.

The other clerks wear their hair up with a small headpiece, as a shopkeeper I felt I had to look the par. I decided that my Sur La Tete black Bernadette Boater hat that I purchased from Village Hat Shop will complete the shopkeeper look.

An apron is a must when running a shop.

My vintage style apron is both functional and pretty. The 1880's pattern is a montage of the Victorian life. The apron has three wide pockets where I carry my trusted notebook, menu, pencils, a bottle opener to open the soda pop, a dust rag, a money pouch , some tweezers, hair clips, nail filer, a handkerchief, a pocket watch, and a toffee bar to snack on.

My black vintage dress is made of a light weight materiel, which is comfortable and easy to work in.

My black tights and high laced Victorian boots that I purchased from Plasticland complements my outfit nicely!

Au revoir!

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