Friday, January 25, 2013

Victorian Finishing School Summer Camp

Prior to their introduction to society privileged Victorian girls were expected to attend finishing school where they learned the arts of personal interaction and good manners. Ramsey House Finishing School for Young Ladies in St. Paul Minnesota offers a one-of-a kind day camp for young ladies inspired by the Victorian era.

The camp is focused on different element of Victorian life each day. The young ladies will have the special opportunity not only to learn about Victorian fashion and to try on a Victorian costume —complete with elaborate undergarments, but they are required to behaved like them too.

Along with Victorian formal tea parties and table manners, the girls will also learn about history, fashion, etiquette, poise, handcrafts, hand sewing, music and dance.

On the other hand learning about the Victorian life and the many restrictions and challenges that young ladies faced living in that time, will give the girls a new appreciation of the many opportunities offered to them in this modern era, while seeing the benefits of incorporating the fine and good things of the past.

The three day camp will culminate with a debutante tea party and a dance recital for the families.

Ramsey House Finishing School for Young Ladies is open to girls ages 9-12.

Alexander Ramsey House.
265 S. Exchange St.
St. Paul, MN 55102

Contact Information:

Minnesota Historical Society.

ResearchRamsey House Finishing School for Young Ladies, Minnesota Historical Society, Victoriana Magazine, and Youtube.

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