Friday, February 1, 2013

Victorian Fashion In The Movies/Anna Karenina

This elegant white Victorian Dress that Vivien Leigh wore in the movie Anna Karenina is absolutely breathtaking! Now that Spring is here, and many young ladies are getting ready to marry, this dress will no doubt inspire many.

I love how white flowers were used throughout this Victorian ensemble. Here a generous amount of flowers along with a black lace ribbon was used in place of a hat. One of my favorite pieces of this ensemble is the white silky sleeveless vest worn over the dress. On the picture below you can appreciate a little bit more how the vest nicely accentuate Vivien's waist.  You know how important waist was for Victorian ladies!

This ruching chiffon white Victorian dress would make any girl feel romantic and sophisticated. Can't forget to bring your umbrella. The silky white umbrella is a lovely complement to the outfit. I love the finger less white gloves, very daring I might add.

Here the flowers are still cascading down her dress. In this photo we can all appreciate the silky tail that perhaps may be a continuation of the vest. I wish I knew. Still though it is absolutely stunning!

Now is anyone up for a cup of tea?

Au revoir!

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