Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Archives: Victoria's White Wedding

Queen Victoria wearing her white wedding that she designed herself

Have you ever wondered who and when might have made the White Wedding popular? Well the tradition of the White Wedding is credited to Queen Victoria when she wore her white wedding dress the day she wed Prince Albert on 10 February 1840. Traditionally white was worn in royal mourning, so wearing white on a wedding was unsuitable. There were of course other royalties that did wear white for their wedding, though in the modern era it was Queen Victoria who made the White Wedding popular. Just imagine all the bride's asking their mothers for a white wedding dress "just like Vicky's". So before Vicky's white wedding became popular, brides wore their best or most expensive gowns that they could afford and that it could be used again for another occasion. Pretty smart, I should say.

My Wedding Day: "I had always wanted for our wedding to have three main ingredients: Elegant, Simple and Inexpensive. And when our wedding day arrived I was the most happiest and stress free bride and my groom was the happiest man on earth."

My main colors that I had used for my wedding were: Gold, Ivory and white. You can never go wrong with these colors. Everything that night sparkled beautifully like it was a million dollars wedding. We had golden candle holders and vases that were on crisp ivory table linens. We added little lights through out the reception walls and ceilings. And yes I wanted balloons on my wedding day, which perhaps could be considered to be tacky by many brides. But because my balloons were metallic gold and ivory, it looked pretty classy and sophisticated.

Queen Victoria with Prince Albert

Our wedding was no doubt the wedding of my dreams: I married the most loving, wonderful, and very patient man. I married my best friend, the man of my dreams. My husband proved to be my best and favorite wedding gift that I received on my wedding day. A wedding day last one day, but a marriage should last forever.

The main ingredient for our happiness has been the best one ever:

LOVE which never fails!

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