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I totally love Tennis! I don't know if it is because of the tennis white crisp outfits which are soooo chic or because is almost mesmerizing to see a good tennis match. Either way I think that tennis is fun to play and watch.

A little bit of tennis...

The Grand Slams Tennis Tournaments. There are four which are:

  • Wimbledon:

Started in 1877

Held in the London suburb of Wimbledon, England, at the All England Club.

The tournament runs annually for 13 days from late June to early July.

  • US Open:

Started in 1881

Location in Flushing, New York City

It is held annually in August and September over a two-week period.

  • French Open:

Started in 1891

Held in Paris, France, at the Stade Roland Garros

This tournament runs over two weeks between mid-May and early June

  • Australian Open:

Started in 1905

Held at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, AustraliaThe tournament is held each January

Tennis Fashion & Etiquette: 

Women began playing tennis in the 1860s, and their first outfits fit the Victorian ideals of modesty and practical materials. This tennis attire included restrictive corsets under high-collared blouses paired with ground-length skirts often made from flannel and trimmed with fur. These women’s outfits were darkly colored with tight sleeves that limited arm movement. The restricted movement allowed the ladies to hit lightly and to play a feminine version of tennis, often known as “pat ball.” In addition to all this clothing, Victorian tennis players wore fashionable hats that were distracting while playing sports.

By the 1890s, white had become the overwhelmingly popular color for tennis attire. When Maud Watson won the ladies’ Wimbledon in 1884, she was wearing a white outfit that became the symbol of tennis success. In addition to Watson’s fashion contribution, women realized that white was the best color to conceal inevitable perspiration stains. Most female tennis players of the late 19th century were upper class, and they did not want sweat stains on their tennis attire, an appearance most frequently attributed to the working class.

International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum

Tennis fashion has certainly changed! I agree with wearing more comfortable clothes when one is playing this kind of sport. What I don't like is the lack of propriety that is being displayed in the court nowadays. Not only the obvious decisions of clothing worn by some sports figure. But it is also the aggressiveness, rudeness, and violence that is being displayed on the court by players and spectators.

Unfortunately it is not only in Tennis that we see this trend going on, but it's in almost all kinds of sports. Times are different. There is more stress and less politeness in life nowadays. We shouldn't fall to such a low level of human indecency. Or else what will become of us? So why can't we just relax and have a fun time and enjoy the game! It is of course a game after all!

Tennis Terms:

Tennis comes from the French tenez, the imperative form of the verb tenir, to hold: This was a cry used by the player serving in royal tennis, meaning "I am about to serve!"

Racquet comes from raquette, which derives from the Arabic rakhat, meaning the palm of the hand.

Deuce comes from à deux le jeu, meaning "to both is the game" (that is, the two players have equal scores).

Love originates from "l'oeuf", the French word for "egg", representing the shape of a zero.

The convention of numbering scores "15", "30" and "40" comes from quinzetrente and quarante, which to French ears makes a euphonious sequence, or from the quarters of a clock (15, 30, 45) with 45 simplified to 40.


Discover the rich history of tennis while experiencing the grandeur of a Victorian-era social club at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Photo: Florida State Library, Google, Tennis Hall Of Fame and Museum

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