Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Archives: Liz Eyebrows & Prints

Lately I have been a bit under the weather. Just feel like staying on the couch and wrapping myself with a soft blanket, while enjoying some great movies on TCM. And that is what exactly I have been doing this whole week!

These past several days I have watched some great movies with Elizabeth Taylor. She is not only a great actress, but she is and was very stunning in her early years. Being that I am also brunette like Liz, expect of course I don't have her violet color eyes. I try to learn how she wore her hair and how she did her makeup. I thought I had all her beauty tricks down, until I watched her movies this week. I came to realize that their was one thing that I didn't paid attention. And that was her dark thick eyebrows!

Like any classic girl I do pencil my eyebrows. I would usually use a light to medium brown pencil. Though I haven't tried to darken them and to make them thicker. I was always afraid to end up looking like a smurf.

So I went ahead with the experiment and started to fill my brows with a black liner. Yikes! It turned out way too dark!

On my second attempt I went for a dark black pencil. It look well, so so.

My third attempt I used both the eyeliner and then a dark brown. And it was starting to look better.

Then one day as I was ready to go out I tried a dark brown pencil. And it turned not perfect, but pretty, which is decent enough for me.

So as I work on my eyebrows and trying to figure the best classic look for them, I came across these cute prints. At first I thought that it was Miss Liz Taylor, but then as I took a closer look I realized that it wasn't Liz.

I was a bit disappointed, but then realized that I am blind retrochic gal with a huge eyebrow problem!

Still though aren't these prints so retrochic? I totally loved them! And if you are feeling like me under the weather and want to keep cozy and warm why not get one of these stylish hot water bottles.

I believe that a girl should always look stylish no matter how crabby she feels. Don't you think?

Photo: Creative Commons

The Archives: Post's from my old blog The RetroChic Corner. Original Post Date: 11/11/09

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