Friday, September 20, 2013

Murdoch Mysteries / Seventh Season

For all of you fans of the Murdoch Mysteries a brand new seventh season started in September 2013! Not long ago I have started watching this series through Netflix. I am around the second season now (I know I am way behind. But I truthfully didn't know about this show until I saw it on Netflix. My husband and I opted in not having cable. Our bill was getting way too expensive).Currently Netflix has up to the third season. Has anyone sent them the memo yet?

Anyhow I absolutely love this Victorian mystery show! Back in those days they didn't have all the gadgets and science that we have nowadays to solve a crime. So it's so interesting to see how they were able to solve a crime without the modern technology that we have nowadays. I totally love the chemistry between the main characters! For the hopelessly romantic gal out there there is a little of romance through the series. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen the show yet. So you just have to tune in.

In addition to that I also love how they have incorporated within the show real characters that lived back then. For instance they had the famous Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill in the the 1st episode of the second season.

Can't wait to watch my next episode! You can visit Murdoch Mysteries official website for season listing, fun facts, games, and cast interviews. To watch full episodes you go Acorn TV and pay a monthly affordable subscription .

Here is the trailer for season seven:

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