Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Edwardian Fashionable Hats

These beautiful Edwardian pictures were taken in 1911, a year before the Titanic. By that time hats were at their largest, often with the brim extending beyond the breadth of the wearer’s shoulders. Because these elaborate hats were so big the ladies had to use large hatpins to properly secure them to the head. Some people complain that these hats were too big and obtrusive especially in the theater or picture shows. Still high society women loved them and wore them for daytime events.

Also as you can see these Edwardian hats were decorated with feathers, laces, ribbons, flowers, tulle, bows. Coco Chanel used to call these hats "birds nests". I won't be surprised that many birds thought so as well!

Step back and enjoy!

Photo Credits: Klimbin from Dresscode Diary. Photos Dated: 1911. Research: Vintagedancer.Com & Vintagefashionguild.Org.

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