Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Victoria Le Jones Le Paris Café Society!

Bonjour! Welcome to the brand new Victoria Lee Jones Le Paris Café Society! I am totally excited to have you all here today on the grand opening of my shop!

My Le Paris Café Society is part vintage shop and a café shop. Our shopping area is an exclusive antique, vintage and fashion designer shop. We feature items from the 19th century to the late 80's. We carry mostly women's and men's clothing, shoes, bags, hats and accessories. And occasionally we will carry items for children and for the home.

Do you enjoy meeting with friends at a café? I know I do! That is what our café section is about. A place where we chat about history, arts, food, fashion, architecture, culture, while of course enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee accompanied by a croissant and background entertainment.

Today I have my very first item in my vintage shop! 

This colorful vintage 1970's hippie dress has a diamond and star pattern that makes it truly unique. For more information about this beautiful dress and how it could be yours please visit my Etsy shop at: Victoria Lee Jones Le Vintage Shop.

This whole week I will be adding more items to my shop. I still have several more dresses from the 70's that I got from the Brady Bunch ;)  that I am sure you will love!

Thanks for stopping by!

 Au revoir!

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