Saturday, September 14, 2013

The 18th Century Casa Orlandi Guesthouse

Casa Orlandi Guesthouse is an 18th century Victorian design home with a sparkling mixture of glam and sophistication. This guesthouse is located in Prato, near Florence Italy. This spectacular home was renovated by the Italian architect Sabrina Bignami.

Just beautiful! This living room decor is an example that Victorian decor can be colorful and airy. Aren't those fresco's spectacular!

Great place to entertain. Ball room anyone?

You add a chandelier and a polished mirror next to a rustic country dinning room seating and it's almost like they were meant to be together! Those Italian tiles floors should never be covered.

A better look at the kitchen.

Great picture! Goes perfect with the whole color scheme. 

The country painting reminds me of the Victorian backdrop that they used back then to take portraits.

A dreamy princess room!

                                         I wish that my dressing room can looked like this! The wall panels through out this house are just stunning! Time to nail paneling on my own home.

What's that  back there? I the first place I thought that it part of the fresco. Then later I realized that it was a framed bed. Love the silvery tulip table, the dark chair complements it nicely.

They must love the tulip tables. I was looking to buy one for my mom at Ikea. Love those walls! The white furniture looks fantastic against those greens, grays walls.

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