Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Monet Calendar

My new 2014 Monet calendar

So last week I went looking for my new calendar to hang in my purple guest bathroom. For the past several years my calendars were all about old Paris. So after hubby and I ate at Cracker Barrel we hit the Barnes & Noble. Hubby went straight to his history section and I went to hunt for my calendar. I looked around. And there was no Paris calendar in sight. I saw a few that were okay, but I decided to wait for a later time to get the one that I really wanted.

Over this past weekend we went to Office Depot. I had to get inserts for my planner. Afterward again I was looking for my Parisian calendar. I saw a Parisian one, but somebody ruined the pictures by adding some awful neon lights to these what seemed to look like fantastic pictures. Who could have done such awful thing? It had to be Mr. Bean. That was definitely his signature look!

Anyhow after seeing the ugly neon lights on all other calendars I came to a soothing scene, Monet. Hummmm, peace at last!

Hubby is not a great fan of Monet. He thinks that Impressionism was unfinished painting done by lazy artists. I don't share his thought at all! I love lazy Sunday's afternoons things. Reading a good book. Bird watching. Drinking tea while knitting. And that is the feeling I get when I see a Monet.

Here are some my favorites Monet Paintings:

This one will look fantastic in my dining room!

This one with the little boy is one that I would love to hang in my Paris Room!

All are just beautiful!

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