Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Rooster is Back!

Me in front of  Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Altamonte Springs ( Jan 2014)

Today I woke up feeling happy and energetic. Hubby had the day off. And I was so ready to have a fun time with him. The weather though was not that ideal. It had been drizzling and it was pretty cloudy. It was a yawn- stay- at- home- wearing- pj's- scratch- your- tush- sleep- all- day-kind- of- day. But no, not me! For 3 weeks I have been stuck at home wearing pj's, messy hair, being a bum and watching T.V. all day. Thanks, but no thanks. Of course I had been working on relaunching my Victoria Lee Jones website. So I wasn't a complete full- time bum. Though sometimes I did looked and smelled like one!

If I had stayed one more day in this house I think that I was going to loose it! This lack of inactivity was killing me! My energy levels was running on empty. But I had to hold on there and keep being positive, of course that was easier said than done.

But today I felt terrific! On the other hand the weather was not that terrific. I was in a conundrum. I wasn't too crazy about going and venturing out in that rain, but I'm bored to death in this house. I had to tough it out. I said to myself, " I am not going to allow a little rain stop me. Girl, go for it!" Of course I made sure to bring my umbrella, wear my warm beret, and boots because I didn't want to catch another bug again.

Cracker Barrel here we come! I could smell that homemade food again! A cozy place with great comfort food you just can't beat! What a perfect place to go when the weather outside is frightful. Our nearest Cracker Barrel is just 15 minutes away from our house. My mouth is now watering as I am writing this post.

As we entered the restaurant I could just taste the hashbrown casserole. Then low and behold. I couldn't believe my eyes! The rooster is back!

You see months ago Cracker Barrel had launched the rooster collection. Back then I had bought a cute red and black rooster print apron. I also had bought a set of 4 porcelain coasters for a dear elderly friend of mine whom I enjoy having tea with. My friend had just finished remodeling her kitchen and she hadn't started decorating it yet. The vintagey rooster coaster was a great start up inspirational piece to get her decorating going.

I also had seen other things in the collection that I wanted to purchase for a later date. I especially wanted some rooster soup bowls. Some of my kitchen walls are red.  The printed vintagey bowls with the black, white, and red was just perfect for my kitchen. 

Then several weeks later after visiting the restaurant again I couldn't find the cute bowls around. As a matter of fact most of the rooster collection was gone! It was like somebody had come in the restaurant in the middle of the night covered the roosters peek and stole the poor rooster away. Poor little fella!

I went looking online to see if I could spot these bowls. I went as far as to call the restaurant to see if they were going to bring back the rooster. I was going to rally in front of the store one of these days and call out "We want the red head! We want the red head!"

Did I finally get my bowls? I sure did! And my roosters are just where they should belong, right inside my cupboard in my red kitchen. Aren't these bowls cute! You know we used to have roosters back many years ago. These birds bring back memories of simpler times when we were kids living at home. It's no wonder I love this collection!

Yay, The roosters are back! And hopefully they could stay a little longer this time.

Cracker Barrel you rock!


On a future post:

As you can see in the photo I am wearing eyeglasses. This time there are real prescribed bifocals, which I have to wear all the time now. I am not too thrilled about wearing them. I think these glasses ages me. And it also makes my nose look funny. And I blame it all on Superman! I thought he was my hero!

...more later

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