Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sculpture Daniel Agdag and His Paper City

As of lately I have been into my art phase. I haven't done drawing or painting for a while. And boy how I sure miss it! So the other day when I went to Barnes and Noble to get my art fix I came across a magazine that had these photos of vintage-looking Art Deco Steampunk creations. Immediately I wanted to know the artist behind these awesome miniature cities!

I found out that the creator behind these amazing intricate buildings and sculptures is the Australian-based artist Daniel Agdag. And what I found out to be so interesting about this artist was that he had majored in photography and minored in painting. I was almost certain that he had majored in architecture. Or that he had some experience in construction. I was surprised when I read that his 'sketching with cardboard' creations was all self-taught and that are made without a blueprint, totally unplanned.

Daniel reveled in an interview with Notes On The Road how he is able to make these intricate creations. "I don't have a photographic memory but I do have a strong attention to detail. When I walk around a city I'll look at the details: I'll look at the pipe work or a little junction box- all sorts of things, and I retain those little elements."

I am always blown away by individuals like Daniel who with a little skill, and a lot of imagination can come up with a work of art all on their own!

Time to bring out the sketch book!

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