Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Whimsical Nonostante Marras Shop!

If I ever go to Milan one of my first stop will be at the so whimsical Nonostante Marras Shop! I can't help but see myself renting this space for a Victorian party! I really don't understand why Barnes and Noble took all their comfy seats away? How much I miss seating on a comfy chair at that bookstore. But Italian's have it right! This fascinating and inviting concept shop was curated by fashion designer Antonio Marras.

This unique boutique has elements of this designer's fashion concept spread throughout his shop. If you ever seen Antonio's fashion show you will notice that the designer loves bold lines and colors. But on the other hand his design has also that Alice in Wonderland whimsical fantasy look to it.

Look Barnes and Noble comfy chairs! Very inviting. Me want to stay longer. The longer me stay the more books or magazines me want to take home.

Peeled wall paint. A great alternative to fresco walls!

Exposed ceiling beams adds that loft industrial feel. Again soft comfy chairs.

Rich red color against the white wall makes a fascinating contrast. Love the different mirrors!

I wish I could check the clothes rack! I could spot a few things that I would love to wear.

Gold and white is always so elegant!

Love the element of surprise.

Cute glass display. Great vintage pieces throughout the store!

The flowers are awesome! Great idea for a Spring wedding!

I'm totally inspired by this place!

Have I told you that Antonio's clothes designs are on my top list. When I see his fashion shows I get inspiration for my next shopping trip.

For more information on his boutique you may visit:

You can also visit Antonio's website to see his latest fashion shows and designs:

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