Friday, January 19, 2018

A Steampunk Dirndl Fashion Shoot!

Bonjour! It's great to be back to blogging and to post and talk about the things that I love! And while I was away in my little hiatus I still enjoyed finding and looking for inspiration which helped my creative juices keep on going. And when I would find something unique that inspired me I would stop dead on my tracks and would say "one day I would love to blog about this."

With no further ado, here is my latest stop ...

So I came across these lovely Dirndl outfits from Sportalm that had that Steampunk style. It's hard to pick a couple of things that I like from this particular ensemble because I pretty much love every single piece! To start, this Dirndl is absolutely gorgeous! The beautiful flower embroidery stand in contract with the silk black dress. I love how they added the silky green ribbon to the outfit. The purple flower choker is a lovely touch. And of course to tie everything together we can't forget the gorgeous top hat!

What is a Dirndl? Dirndl is German for a feminine traditional dress worn in Austria, South Tyrol, and Bavaria. The velvet flowery pink and green gloves are amazing! And the wool gray jacket with the green trim will keep any girl warm during the winter. According to Wikipedia, the winter style Dirndl has heavy, warm skirts and aprons made of thick cotton, linen, velvet or wool, and long sleeves. The colors are usually rich and dark.

Here is the same above outfit but without the jacket. You can appreciate the top laced corset with the purple ribbon. The green silky apron works so well with the gray dotted dress. The velvet flowery scarf with fringes particularly caught my attention. I thought for a minute that the fringes were the girls hair. My eyes tricked me! I truly haven't seen anything like it!

Did you know that the Dirndl had a humble beginning? Yes, the Dirndlgewand meaning maid's dress were worn in Austria by domestic workers during the 19th Century. Austrian upper classes adopted the dirndl as high fashion in the 1870's, making it a highly fashionable and popular must-have item to own.

The checkered top wool hat with the feather is pretty daring! Interestingly Dirndl also comes with checkered pattern designs. In this instance the checkered pattern was used part of an accessory. Who said you can't wear a jacket with elbow patches while wearing a pretty dress? I truthfully think it was a unique touch!

While looking at the detail of the outfit I noticed the opulent wooded furniture. This Steampunk inspired backdrop was perfect for this particular photo-shoot!

Here we can appreciate the gray vest with the puffs sleeve and the gray embroidery pipping, I'm not too crazy about the pink apron though. I do however love the dark wine velvety bottom, which at the last moment I was able to spot it. I wished we could see it better. I know I love the sharp contrast!

These two last ensemble is absolutely a work of art. The olive top hats are one of my favorites! I love the color combination: Olive, Red, Purple, and a little sprinkle of yellow here and there. Aren't the delicate puff sleeves with the flowers and green stems embroidery super cute? A perfect feminine touch I should say!

Have a fun & safe winter!

Photos used are from:
Information of the history of the Dirndl: Wikipedia.

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